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Freezing Pipes
While it may be a rare occurrence in most of Devon for a pipe to freeze, it can happen. The first indication of a pipe freezing is often that the tap it feeds won't work. It's a good idea during very cold weather to check all of your taps each morning before it can thaw.

Stop the water supply at the nearest stop valve (either inside your home or at the main if needed), drain the pipe from the other end by opening any taps. Check the pipe carefully to see if it is split, if it hasn't you can gently thaw it out by warming it (with hot water bottles, not a blow torch), start with the end closest to the tap. If the pipe has split, contact us right away. If you're not sure, assume it is has split.

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If any pipe in the hot water system ever freezes (yes it is possible) immediately turn off the heating and call us out straight away.

Bramshaw Heating and Plumbing are CIPHE registered plumbers who can carry out a complete range of plumbing services in Tiverton and across Devon.
Dealing with frozen or blocked pipes can be a lot of work, it's best to get an expert straight away.
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