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What to do if you have a water leak
First of all do not panic, panic makes for mistakes. Find the leak and stop the water at the stop-valve (also known as a stop-cock), you don't necessarily have to turn off the mains stop-cock, your home is likely to have at least one cold-water valve inside.

If you don't know where the internal stop-cock is, turn the water off at the mains stop cock (usually toward the road, possibly on the pavement). It's a good idea to find where all of the valves are in your home when you move in.

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If that does stop the water leak immediately, go around the house and open all the cold water taps to drain the water in the system. Only the cold taps though, not the hot taps (you'll draw water into the hot water system), turn off boiler (or leave to die down if it is solid fuel) and the central heating system. Then call us 01392 249 249.

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Make sure you know where the stop valves are in your home and how to turn off the water. Leaks are most common in winter as the pipe are affected by the cold and by the increase in use of your central heating.
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