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Bleeding Radiators
If your home is heated using radiators it is a quite normal occurrence for the system to build up air within the radiators. You will be able to tell you have air being built up in the radiator if you find the top of your radiator is not being heated or if you find your radiator is making gurgling noises. If you find this is the problem the easiest solution is to bleed the radiator, however if you find you are needing to do this frequently you may want to contact us to check if there is a problem with your system and you may also want to check if you need to top up your boiler pressure.
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Heating Engineer Tiverton In order to bleed your radiator you will need a bleeding key as well as a piece of cloth or a rag. Before even touching the radiator you should turn off your heating system in order to allow the radiator to cool and once this is done you are ready to begin. Firstly you will need to place your piece of cloth or rag under the bleed valve on your radiator and then you will need to enter your key into the valve and rotate it to allow out the air. When you are doing this you will notice a hissing sound as the air escapes and once this is done let the water drip for a few seconds so to ensure that all the air has escaped and then close the valve tightly shut.
Heating Engineer Exeter
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