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Topping Up Boiler Pressure
Boilers will normally need to be repressurised at some point in their lifetime. Generally you can tell your boiler needs to be topped up when your boiler is not generating the required heat or if you find that your pressure indicator on the front of your boiler is not within the recommended area (often shown by a needle within a red area if the pressure is not right). Depending on the boiler you have can often result in different ways your boiler can be topped up.
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Heating Engineer Tiverton
External Filling Nose
A common boiler layout is a filling hose which is attached to external metallic braided pipes, normally found near the boiler or under the kitchen sink. If you have this system, first attach firmly the two ends of the hose to both of the pipes and then make sure the boiler is off. You then need to make sure all the valves are turned so they are open. Your boiler with water from your water mains, continue doing this until your pressure dial is showing about 1.5 bar within the green area. Then shut the valves and disconnect the hose; Don't worry if a small amount of water come out of the pipe after disconnecting. Lastly attach your valve covers to the pipes.
Keyless Filling Tank
One of the newest ways to top up your boiler pressure is with the keyless filling link. If you have this type of boiler you can follow a few simple steps which allow you to repressurise your system. Firstly, turn off your boiler and remove the cover from underneath and keep an eye on the needle for the level of water pressure. Under the boiler you will find a blue lever that you can pull down and as you hold this down you will notice the water pressure increasing. As soon as the pressure is about 1.5 bar within the green area you should release the blue lever and you will be done.
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Internal Filling Key
For those with a boiler with an internal filling loop installed you will need to make sure to follow our basic step by step instructions. Firstly turn off your boiler and remove the tray underneath. Your filling key will be attached to the inside of the tray, which you will need to remove. Insert this key into the black plastic manifold, linked from cold mains into your boiler. Unscrew the white plastic nut anticlockwise until water begins filling your boiler. As soon as the pressure hits 1.5 bars within the green area turn the nut clockwise and turn the key back to the shut padlock. If you over pressurise your boiler then you can simply reduce the pressure by bleeding a radiator.
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