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Sources Of Carbon Monoxide In The Home

Carbon monoxide often a result of poorly maintained gas appliances or those which have had their ventilation blocked. It can also be a result of damaged and leaking chimneys.

Simple steps you can take to reduce the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning:

There are some steps you can take that will prevent the carbon monoxide poisoning from your gas appliances include:

1) First and foremost - have all of your gas appliances (such as your boiler) installed by a heating engineer on the Gas Safe register, Bramshaw Heating and Plumbing are Gas Safe registered.

2) Gas appliances should be are inspected and serviced once a year, again by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

3) Never block or cover any vents near or connecting to any gas appliances.

4) At the first sign that an appliance is faulty you should immediately call in a heating engineer to carry out an inspection and repair.

5) An approved carbon monoxide alarm should not be seen as an alternative for having your boiler serviced.

Boiler Repairs Crediton

No matter how new and well installed your gas boiler, it needs to be inspected annually

Bramshaw Heating and Plumbing are Gas Safe registered heating engineers who can carry out inspection and boiler repairs in Crediton and across Devon.

Boiler Repairs Crediton How do you choose and install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm? [Read More]

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