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Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide is invisible, has no smell or taste, and is very toxic. Aside from watching for the symptoms, the safest way to detect the presence of it in your home is by installing an approved carbon monoxide alarm.

Your alarm should:

1) Be manufactured to British (EN 50291) and European (Kitemark) standards.

2)Feature an audible alarm that will wake you if you are asleep.

3)Have a battery life of at least five years.

4) Be tested regularly.

A carbon monoxide detector with an audible carbon monoxide alarm is preferable to one that is simply a chemically treated to change colour in the presence of carbon monoxide.
Having a carbon monoxide alarm fitted does not mean that you don't need to have your boiler regularly inspected and serviced. Remember: normal smoke alarms don't detect carbon monoxide.

Boiler Repairs Cullompton What maintenance does my boiler need?
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Boiler Repairs Collumpton

Annual inspection of your gas boiler by a Gas Safe registered engineer ensures it is safe.

Bramshaw Heating and Plumbing are Gas Safe registered heating engineers who can carry out inspection and boiler repairs in Cullompton and across Devon.

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